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Property Inspections | Tenant Guide to renting property

Tenants guide to property inspections

When you pay rent to a landlord for your home, you need to be aware that the landlord or letting agent at some point will need to perform a property Inspection.

If you’re renting privately and have an assured short hold tenancy agreement then the landlord is obliged by law to ensure specific inspections take place at certain points in time. The tenancy contract between you and your landlord should set out the rights and obligations of both sides.

Its likely that you are paying a bond for your rental property. Therefore, its good practice to have regular property inspections so any issues can be flagged up and dealt with.

What Property Inspections to expect when renting?

Our letting agents deal with all types of property inspections and offer a range of different inspections and services to protect you the tenant. Here is a list of property inspections or services that we undertake on behalf of landlords:

  • Negotiate terms of lease renewal
  • Drawing up a residential AST
  • Schedule of condition report for check in
  • Schedule of condition report for check out
  • Statutory Declaration signed by a Solicitor
  • Periodic Inspections
  • Utility Notification
  • Issuing of Legal notices
  • Insurance Policies
  • EPC

You can Conduct your own property survey!

If your landlord is not providing an inventory or condition report, you are able to do this yourself. Or, we can carry out an inspection on your behalf and provide an expert witness report to you and the landlord. You will have photographic and descriptive evidence of the condition of the rental property at the point your tenancy starts.

The cost of an Expert Witness Report is £150.00 (£125.00 plus VAT).

Read more about our range of property inspections and services

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Tenants guide to Property Inspections