Agent of Necessity

Our lettings management team will only act within the authority granted to us by you. This authority is determined by way of the terms of the contract held between both parties (which is us and you, the landlord). However, there are emergency situations where we will need to act without your prior authority.

In circumstances where your property or tenant are in danger we will have to make rapid decisions, whether or not we have been given specific instructions or authority to act. In these circumstances as long as the actions are reasonable, where we have acted in the landlord’s best interest by acting quickly in the most economical way possible then we will have been considered to have acted as an agent of necessity.

What is an agent of necessity?

This is basically acting on your behalf in a serious emergency, or life threatening situation when you are unavailable to advise us on what you would like us to do.

Sadly over the years, we have had to handle situations when there have been fires in properties, floods, burglaries etc.  We are on hand to manage the situation as best as we can in your absence.  We have had to arrange hotels for tenants on some occasions, as the properties have been unfit to be occupied.

This is a service which we only provide for clients whose properties we are the managing agents for.  If you would like us to become the rental management agent for your property, please just give us a call, and we will be able to act as your agent of necessity, if such trying circumstance arrives.

We have three separate branches so if your property is in Bolton or the surrounding areas we can be reached on 01204 381281, if your property is in Bury then please contact us on 0161 761 1215 and for Manchester (Worsley, Walkden, Swinton, City Centre etc) our contact number is 0161 794 3434.  Our letting agents have years of experience dealing with lettings, landlords and residents.