Did you know that all appointments made with Cardwells Estate Agents Bolton and Cardwells Estate Agents Bury are confirmed in writing?

Yes, appointments are confirmed with either a text message or an email. The text message or emails are sent to both the seller/landlord and the viewer. This ensures that not only is the appointment arranged verbally but that it is confirmed in writing to the landlord/seller and the potential buyer and tenant. This means that you can rest assured knowing that all appointments are confirmed and the likelihood of viewing not taking place is greatly reduced.

Since we introduced confirming viewing appointments in writing we have seen a dramatic fall in the number of appointments that viewers miss.

Text service for property for sale in Bolton & Bury

Although this service costs us more, we are pleased to provide it to so that all parties can be certain when the appointment will take place and have an easy point of reference to double check.

In some cases, the potential tenants and potential buyers will even get a text reminder three hours before the scheduled viewing so that they have a gentle reminder to visit the property they wish to buy/rent. This is a service that we can offer for every property for sale in Bolton / Bury etc or every property for rent in Bolton / Bury etc.

Thinking of selling a property, renting a property?

Hopefully, you as a potential seller, landlord, buyer or tenant can be safe in the knowledge that our appointments are confirmed and that the viewings are likely to go ahead.

If you are thinking of selling a property, renting a property or indeed just looking for an estate agent, please call Cardwells Estate Agents and we will be pleased to assist you with the sale or rental of your property or help you find your next property. Alternatively please fill in one of the forms on this website to either contact us or arrange a valuation.

If you were to call one of our estate agent offices, we may record telephone calls. We carry out this process in the interests of transparency to make sure the correct levels of service are being provided and to gain evidence of a business transaction/instruction. It will also help us with staff training, allowing us to build upon our already exemplary customer service.