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The Importance of Accurate Pricing

With Cardwells Estate Agents you can count on our knowledge of your area by our highly trained, experienced and local staff. You can rely on our assessment to achieve you the best possible price for your property, within a sensible period of time.

When selling your house it is imperative you receive as much as possible for your property within a realistic amount of time. As we are all aware, the property market has faced much uncertainty over the past few years. We are no longer in a period in which any house on the market, at practically any price, will almost certainly sell. This is why it is vital that each property on the market is priced realistically and accurately. This does not mean selling a property at an undervalued price. It simply means if you wish to sell your house then it must be priced correctly.

Inflated asking prices will only lead to a limited number of viewings and no sale. Purchasers are market savvy and they will not pay an inflated price. Any unprofessional agent can flatter you by quoting you a high valuation using misguided figures, but achieving the sale in this climate is another matter altogether. The last thing you want is your property sitting for sale and stagnating on the market for months, or even years, with little interest because an agent has overinflated its value just to get you on board.

We have offices in Bolton and Bury, with our areas of buying, selling and letting covering much of Lancashire. We have property for sale around the North West, including Manchester. We will be more than happy to help you with any aspect of the home buying experience, whether it’s simply just a bit of advice, or you’re unsure that the valuation you’ve been given is legitimate. Call one of our branches (we also cover Walkden and Worsley) or pay us a visit to see exactly what we can do for you.