Letting Agents Interim Inspection

An interim inspection (aka periodic inspection) is a property inspection that takes place over certain intervals during a tenancy. Cardwells letting agents work with a whole host of landlords and housing agencies so we understand that time can be of the essence when it comes to dealing with tenants. That’s why we offer a range of property services including carrying our interim inspections on your behalf.

Why carry out a periodic or interim inspection?

These inspections are usually carried out in order to check on the condition and state of the property and its contents. It can also be used to check on whether any repairs, maintenance or even decorations need to be dealt with. Many interim inspections can help confirm whether or not a tenant is in line with their contractual agreement when it comes to –

  • unauthorised smoking in the property
  • unauthorised pets in the property
  • unauthorised occupiers in the property
  • build up of rubbish/debris which can attract vermin
  • small leaks, rainwater ingress
  • damage from pets etc.

Interim inspections can allow any issues to be dealt with on a regular basis

Cardwells letting agents can carry out these inspections on your behalf. We arrange the appointment with your tenant and then compile a photographic report. The report includes our observation of any damage or issues. A copy is then issued to the landlords so they can review the current condition of the rental property. The cost of an interim inspection is £60.00 (£50.00 + VAT).

Cardwells would highly recommend interim/periodic inspections to be carried out to avoid any damage that has not been reported by the tenant.

We offer a range of property inspections and services to landlords of rental properties.

Interim Inspections