Estate Agents Firwood Fold Bolton

Estate Agents Firwood Fold Bolton
Cardwells Estate Agents Firwood Fold, Bolton were established in 1982 which we feel helps us to find your perfect property or buyers. We have a number of potential buyers waiting for property for sale in Firwood Fold, Bolton.

When there is property for sale in Firwood Fold we have a consistently high level of demand, and we often find ourselves with buyers waiting for properties in Firwood Fold. If you are thinking of selling a property in Firwood Fold please either fill in the form or call us on 01204 381281 and we would be delighted to assist you.

About Firwood Fold

Firwood Fold is a small but historically significant Hamlet in Bolton near Tonge Moor. The homes here date back as far as the 15th Century with number 5 Firwood Fold thought to be one of the oldest inhabited homes in the country. Cardwells have had the distinction of selling several of these properties since 1982.

Consisting of cottages and a converted schoolhouse, 10 Firwood Fold most famously is where Samuel Crompton was born on 3rd December 1753.  Samuel Crompton was the inventor of one of the industrial revolutions most significant machines, the Spinning Mule.

This small hamlet is just a mile from the centre, with frequent buses in and out of Bolton and a train station at Hall i’ th’ Wood.

Firwood Fold is close to several primary schools such as Moorgate Country Primary School, Tonge Moor County Primary School and the modern Castle Hill Primary School. There are three very popular secondary schools nearby, being Canon Slade, Turton High School and Sharples Secondary School.

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    Cardwells Estate Agents Firwood Fold will be delighted to help you find a property for sale in Firwood Fold.  If you are looking for a new home or to move house, please just let us know your requirements ([email protected]/ 01204 381281) and we would be delighted to help you find your next home.

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