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Schedule of Condition Reports

If you have a property to rent, you may not be aware of the protection a Schedule of Condition Report will provide. A Schedule of Condition Report involves a full survey of the rental property to a predetermined property checklist. The survey takes place before a tenancy occurs with the sole purpose of recording the state of the property at that particular moment in time.

A report is then produced, usually written and will include photos, video and often supported by sketches or drawings. This specialist property surveys purpose is able to qualify the extent of the tenant’s and landlords repair obligations. It timelines the condition of the property to rent at the start of the tenancy until the end date agreed. The tenant is not obliged to put the property into a better condition, however must maintain the standard of the rental property.

Why record the condition of your property to rent with a legally witnessed property survey?

The reason a schedule condition report is carried out is so that any notable features or existing damage of the property can be properly documented before anyone moves in. This report can then be looked at once the tenancy is over to compare the condition of the property. The survey will highlight if there has been any damage or if any other alterations need to be corrected.

Different properties have different report requirements, and the range of a schedule of condition report will vary depending on the reason it is being carried out. It is worth remembering that the report is only a record of what the surveyor is able to see on that specific day. The report won’t be able to take into account any external factors that may affect the property.

What does a Schedule of Condition Property Survey look like?

This is a professional report which means it will contain text which entails all relevant issues. Some parts will be in the form of a property checklist or inventory style. Additionally, this will be accompanied with numerous supporting images and video of the property to rent.

Our reports are clearly set out so that you as a landlord are able to understand the current condition of your property to rent, making it easy to compare the properties state once the tenancy is complete.

Here at Cardwells Letting Agents, we have a team of staff who are fully trained to deal with a range of property surveys, Schedule of Condition Reports being one of them. So if you’re a landlord and you’d like some assistance when it comes to dealing with certain matters, let us deal with it on your behalf.

A schedule of condition report protects Landlord & Tenant