Insurance Vacant Property Inspections

Regular vacant property inspections are a must and often an insurance policy requirement. Without these inspections being done, the insurance policy could become void. Unless you have very specific documentation from the insurance company stating that you do not have to inspect the property, the general advice is to have the property inspected at least once every two weeks.  It is also important that you keep a written log of all inspections.

What should you be checking when you visit your property?


  • Visual check of the roof and roof tiles.
  • Check around the property and clear away any waste that may have accumulated. Do not inadvertently advertise to passers by it is unoccupied.
  • Remove any leaflets or free post from the letterbox.
  • Check that all the windows are closed and intact.
  • Check walls, gates and fences for signs of any vandal damage.


  • Check to make sure all windows are closed and locked.
  • Remove any post or papers from inside the house.
  • Check carpets and ceilings for signs of any leaks.
  • Check the bathroom and kitchen for any signs of leaks.
  • Check for any new cracks to paint or plasterwork.

We can carry out these inspections as and when required and provide the appropriate paperwork to you/insurance companies.

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If you were to call one of our estate agent offices, we may record telephone calls. We carry out this process in the interests of transparency to make sure the correct levels of service are being provided. It will also help us with staff training, allowing us to build upon our already exemplary customer service.