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Cardwell and Son: Building Happy Homes Since 1983

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Embarking on the journey of buying or selling a home can be an exhilarating yet daunting experience, fraught with uncertainties and challenges. However, for Richard Cardwell, the founder of Cardwell and Son, this endeavour was not just about transactions but about fostering happy homes and satisfied families. In June 1983, a newspaper article painted a vivid picture of the Cardwell family—Richard, his wife Geraldine, and their two sons, David and Andrew—whose dedication and support formed the cornerstone of the estate agency’s success. With Richard at the helm, Cardwell and Son emerged as a beacon of reliability and professionalism in the Swinton-based real estate landscape, offering unparalleled service and unwavering commitment to their clients’ dreams. As we delve into this nostalgic piece of history, we catch a glimpse of a bygone era where determination, hard work, and familial bonds laid the foundation for a thriving business that continues to resonate today.

Read below the full article from June 2nd, 1983, to discover the remarkable journey of Cardwell and Son, a family-driven estate agency dedicated to creating happy homes for their clients.

HAPPY homes mean happy families and Cardwell and Son could have no happier foundation than Richard Cardwell, his pretty wife Geraldine and their sons David aged six and Andrew who is six months.

Even Richard’s and Geraldine’s parents, friends and relatives have all played their part in helping Cardwell and Son to become established. It is young David who at the moment shares the honour of being the “and Son” part of the firm’s title. But since the arrival of Andrew Richard is now under pressure from Geraldine to make “and Sons”. Richard commented: “Just what we’ll do if we have any daughters, I don’t know!” Geraldine has the added job of firm’s bookkeeper in addition to her roles as mum and housewife. Richard is pictured above with David and Andrew.

IF YOU have ever experienced selling your house and moving to a new one, you will know that the process can be far from smooth. If you are just thinking of putting your house on the market, a friendly word of advice – choose your Estate Agent carefully. It can make all the difference as to whether your dreams come true or are shattered by a nightmare. And one man who knows all about realising ambitions is Richard Cardwell, principal of Cardwell and Son, the Swinton-based Estate Agency. In just 12 months he has created an extremely smart and spacious suite of offices out of a former derelict shop in Chorley Road and established a highly successful service for the local homes market which is second to none. It’s a success story born out of sheer determination, hard work, the support of family and friends and one hundred per cent loyalty and enthusiasm from the staff. Understandably, people have been impressed by the relaxed and totally hassle-free manner with which Cardwells knuckle down and get on with their job. In a period when the property market has been totally in the doldrums, Cardwells has boomed, almost beyond belief.

Richard Cardwell who has 10 years experience in the Estate Agency business simply takes it all in his stride. When he established his firm a year ago he was even reluctant to give it his own name. But in one short year, he has transformed a derelict building into comfortable “home from home” premises, increased his staff from two to 10 and turned a £9,000 overdraft in a sophistically equipped business dealing with millions of pounds worth of properties. From the outset, he aimed to provide the best possible service for his clients. He re-established a seven-day operation on the local estate agency scene and considerably extended the normal office hours.

The reception area has an extensive self-selection display area of the properties available. You are free to browse through the prepared details from the comfort of an easy chair or seek the help of the friendly and efficient staff. All viewings are accompanied, and you can either be taken from Cardwell’s office by car or a member of the staff will meet you at the property. Staff will often undertake valuations or viewings well outside normal office hours if needs be. And Richard Cardwell is full of praise for them, he said: “We have a great team here. There’s fabulous enthusiasm in their attitude. They work hard and it produces the results.” Despite the fact that mortgages in some quarters are in short supply, Cardwell’s Mortgages and Insurance Departments are experiencing no difficulties at the moment.



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