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Amongst the headlines of former Prime Minister, David Cameron, returning to government as the new Foreign Secretary, it may have slipped unnoticed that the revolving door at the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities is once again in full swing.

Lee Rowley has been appointed as the Housing Minister earlier today, as he replaces Rachel Maclean who was sacked after just over nine months in the position. Curiously, Mr Rowley previously held the same position for less than two months in 2022. Mr Rowley is the 16th Housing Minister since 2010.

The timing for Mr Rowley’s appointment is most interesting as former Housing Minister Rachel Maclean was due to introduce the Renters Reform Bill tomorrow (13th November 2023), and the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement is less than two weeks away on Thursday 21st November 2023.

Mr Rowley may well have a full inbox as he reports for his first full day in office today, as there was recent news that housebuilding has fallen to its lowest level since the financial crisis, and it being deemed that the court system is under prepared to handle the potential impact of the abolishment of the Section 21 Notice and the implication on the Private Rental Market.

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