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Although it’s nice to have the space to offer a guest, our spare bedrooms often go unused for a considerable portion of the year. So, here are five incredible ways to use your spare bedroom instead, allowing your family to get the most from the home.

  1. Build a Home Office

The way we all work has shifted dramatically over the past 18 months, with most of us now working from home in some capacity. Therefore, a home office is essential for all modern properties.

Many households have a spare room upstairs yet spend their days hunched over the dining table working on their daily tasks. Yet, switching your mind off from the day’s stresses is much easier when you can physically close a door on your work.

Invest in a sturdy desk with ample storage and create yourself an excellent home office. Additionally, you will be astounded at the difference an ergonomic desk chair will make to your working day.

For the most productive spaces, place your desk in front of the window. Natural light is incredible for productivity, and a view of the outdoors will help you keep inspired throughout the day.

Be sure to hang up some of your favourite artwork and paint the room in a colour you enjoy. Relish in the freedom to design your own working space, creating a room that you will love spending time in. This room can also double as a study space, perfect for those with teenagers.

  1. Children’s Playroom

A children’s playroom is perhaps the most popular use for a spare room.

There is a huge range of benefits to keeping the majority of toys out of the bedroom and living spaces. It keeps the house much tidier and removes distractions and stimulants during the often testing bedtime routine.

Turning your spare room into a playroom allows you to have fun with the décor, creating a vibrant and exciting space for the children to express their creativity. It’s an excellent idea to have one side of the room as a ‘messy play’ space. Think paints, chalk, or even clay, depending on the age of your children.

Fill the other side of the room with toys, games and books. It offers a fantastic space for siblings to play together or for children to invite over their friends. As the year’s pass, the area can be transformed into a movie room for teenagers to relax.

  1. A Cosy Snug

If you find yourself looking for a relaxing escape away from the living room, then a snug might be the ideal option for your family.

In here, you could include some comfortable seating and plenty of blankets and soft furnishings. Decorate in deep, dark colours and add a range of house plants to create a true oasis.

Keep the TV out of the snug to build a calming spot, and instead, add in a record player or smart speaker to allow you to enjoy your favourite music.

  1. The Perfect Dressing Room

Most of us have dreamed of having a walk-in wardrobe and dedicated dressing room. An unused spare bedroom can provide the ideal solution to this. A whole room for getting ready will also free up an immense amount of space in your bedroom, which often gives the room a whole new lease of life.

Many homeware shops offer a build-your-own service to design and create a wardrobe perfect for your lifestyle. Alternatively, you could hire a carpenter to produce a bespoke piece for your needs.

As with the home office, remember to place the dressing table directly in front of the window. Again, the natural light will help hugely with getting ready, especially in the darker winter months.

  1. Gaming Room Heaven

Most families have experienced their home being taken over by games consoles. With PlayStations in the living room, Xbox’s in the bedrooms and laptops dotted all over the home – our family properties can quickly feel overrun by electronics.

However, dedicating an entire room to games can be a great way to keep your home in top shape whilst simultaneously reinventing family time.

Be sure not to stick to only electronics in your new gaming room. Instead, fill the space with plenty of the classics, such as Monopoly, Draughts, and Cluedo. This will make it a fun spot for all of the family to hang out.

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