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January is a perfect opportunity to sell a property with us here at Cardwells,  leading estate agents Bolton. So, when there is a new year some people look to purchase a new house to start a fresh. Also, its clear that more people will be looking for houses later in the year; and nobody wants to see their dream home bought before them. This means that putting your house up this time a year means there is a high chance that people will want a quick transaction before other people get the same idea.

Furthermore, other sellers may think that it is better to wait till the market is busy with more buyers. But this leads to lots of competition between sellers, as lots of houses will be for sale at this time. And, Cardwells can help your property stick out of a crowd at this time of the year. Therefore, its best to get your house on the market as fast as possible.

Additionally, over the Christmas period people tend to have lots of time on their hands; this allows them to have lots of time to browse homes that are for sale on the web.

Tips for selling your home in January from an estate agents Bolton

Cardwells have gained lots of experience over the years when selling properties and we have noticed some houses are liked more by viewers for small reasons such as:

  • Switching the heating on for the viewing to allow the home to be cosier and inviting.
  • Saying yes to daytime viewing, because this allow the property to show off the natural lighting. Also, Cardwells can show the potential buyers around on behalf of the owner if necessary.
  • Contact Cardwells Estate Agents we have a high customer satisfaction rate and would be delighted to help a homeowner sell a property this January.

Overall, if you are interested in choosing Cardwells as your estate agents then please contact us today! T: 01204 381281 | E: [email protected]

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